Beirut Museum to Open Basement in November

Roman Burial Fresco To Be Restored

Roman Burial Fresco To Be Restored

Good news to all ancient history lovers out there, the Beirut National Museum plans to finally open the basement section to the public:

The Beirut National Museum has launched a six-month project to restore an ancient fresco of Roman burial rites that was first discovered near the southern city of Tyre in 1937.
The fresco, discovered in a cave in the region of Burj Shmali by British excavators, was moved to the Beirut National Museum in the 1940’s to save it from degradation. Over the years it was kept in the basement of the museum along with other ancient tombs and artifacts.
The basement of the museum is currently closed to visitors but is expected to reopen in November with the unveiling of the newly-restored fresco.

  1. Thank you Jad for the great news! You made my day! I cannot thank you enough for the service you are providing all of us. Concise and right to the point, with the very interesting newsbits. Carry on the good work, we need you!

    • I actually visited the museum just last year and I thought it was absolutely great. Would definitely head there again once the basement opens.

  2. when is the date exactly for the opening of the basement because it has been passed over one and a half mounth and no answer. can someone please tell me the exact date?

  3. Any news regarding its opening?
    I went there last summer and they still said it was under renovation!

    • Unfortunately no. I’ve emailed them a number of times but they haven’t responded. Next time I’m in Beirut, I’ll make sure to pass by and see if I can speak to someone in the know.

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