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Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal is heading to Beirut to scope out the real estate as he plans to expand his lounge bar, Lap, overseas:

“I was waiting for the right time to expand Lap. As it is doing quite well in Delhi, I’m in a position to expand my business. Mumbai is next on the list and it is going as per plans but I’m really looking forward to going global. I will be going to Beirut to look up places where I can launch Lap. Most probably this will be the first overseas branch of the resto-bar. […] When I first thought of going global, I could not think of not opening in New York and London. I mean, it’s the place where you find all cuisines and a different Indian resto-bar would certainly be a hit I hope. I am actually targeting places where people love food and Beirut naturally came to my mind. It’s a great city that loves to party and enjoy different cuisines.”

Here are some photos I found of the bar in Delhi:

LAP Lounge Bar Delhi

LAP Lounge Bar Delhi

LAP Lounge Bar Delhi

LAP Lounge Bar Delhi

Not really my cup of curry but may could work in Beirut (or could join the hundreds of obscure bars and lounges across the city).

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