Lebanese Passport Allows Visa-Free Access to 32 Countries and Territories 81

An update (2012) to this post is available here: Lebanon Remains at the Bottom of Visa Free Travel Index

Henley and Partners (H&P), a global legal firm that deals with immigration, has compiled a list of passports that provide entry to countries without the need for visas and unsurprisingly, holders of Arab passports have limited access to visit countries without queuing at embassies:

A global list of countries, ranked according to the visa restrictions imposed on their citizens, revealed that the number of countries Arabs do not need visas to enter is quite limited…

According to the information, Lebanese passport holders have visa-free access to 32 countries and territories, up 5 from last year. Nevertheless, Lebanon features at the bottom of the Arab list just ahead of Iraq. Among the Arab passports “to have”, Kuwait would be your best with 71 countries.


  1. Kuwait -71
  2. Bahrain – 67
  3. Qatar – 66
  4. UAE – 64
  5. Oman – 61
  6. Saudi Arabia – 57
  7. Egypt – 43
  8. Jordan – 39
  9. Syria – 39
  10. Yemen – 38
  11. Iran – 34
  12. Lebanon – 32
  13. Iraq – 27

As for the worldwide view, British passports rank at the top with 166 countries and territories.


  1. United Kingdom – 166
  2. Denmark – 164
  3. Sweden – 163
  4. Finland – 162
  5. Luxembourg – 162

It would seem that Lebanese preference for US, Canadian and Australian passports may need to shift towards Scandinavian countries if they really want to freely travel the world.

Lebanese passport holders are free from visa in 32 countries and territories.

Lebanese passport holders are free from visa in 32 countries and territories.

Here’s a list of countries where Lebanese can visit without the need for a pre-approved visa:

  • Africa
    • Cape Verde
    • Comoros
    • Djibouti
    • Madagascar
    • Mozambique
    • Seychelles
    • Togo
    • Uganda
  • Americas
    • Bolivia
    • Dominica
    • Ecuador
    • Haiti
    • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Asia
    • Armenia
    • Azerbaijan
    • Bangladesh
    • Cambodia
    • Georgia
    • Jordan
    • Laos
    • Macau
    • Malaysia
    • Maldives
    • Nepal
    • Oman
    • Syria
    • Timor-Leste
  • Europe
    • Kosovo
    • Turkey
  • Oceania
    • Cook Islands
    • Federal States of Micronesia
    • Niue
    • Palau
    • Samoa
    • Tuvalu

Diplomatic passport holders can additionally visit Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Yemen. Though according to this list, there are 35, not 32 countries Lebanese can freely visit.

81 thoughts on “Lebanese Passport Allows Visa-Free Access to 32 Countries and Territories

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      I love my Lebanese passport though some Lebanese see passports as accessories rather than allegiance and identity towards a sovereign country. Proud of my nationality; wouldn’t change it for the world.

      • Someone

        “Pride should be reserved for something you attain on your own. Not something that happened by accident of birth” – George Carlin

          • Someone

            Jad, exactly – you are proud of what you have done yourself, not of what your parents made you (i.e., Lebanese). George Carlin is not only an “entertainer” (a good way of degrading his image vis-à-vis the readers, mind you) he is also a renowned social critic.

          • Jad Aoun Post author

            Everyone is (and should be) a social critic and there’s nothing degrading with being an “entertainer”. Especially one who’s won 5 Grammy Awards and two American Comedy Awards plus a Life Time Achievement Award. And he absolutely rocked in Bill and Ted’s and I’ll never forget his role as Cardinal Glick in Dogma – absolutely priceless.

            My point was that I feel proud to be born a Lebanese – that’s how I feel, whether its right or wrong to feel that way, that is how I feel.

    • khalil

      i am sure eno you have a passport gheir el passport el libneni.

      aw eno u have a passport in lebanon w kebiti bil jarour.

      you only use it when you need to show ur id min doun ta2iftik :). gheir heik, it doesnt mean anything. y? iza badik trou7i 3al yaman aw soudan badik visa ….

      • Jad Aoun Post author

        Not true – I hold a single passport and that’s my Lebanese passport. I’ve traveled across the Middle East and have visited countries in Asia and Europe with it.

        As a UAE resident, it is my primary form of identification. My passport has been given to me by a country I care dearly for. I wouldn’t want a passport from any other country because I know that I wouldn’t care for those country as I care for my own. I believe strongly in this principle and would not back down from it for any reason.

        • khalil

          hi Jad,

          my reply was dedicated to Mariam..
          anyway i am speaking from a point of view eno u need a visa w titsha7shat 3ala bweb el safarat because u have a Lebanese Passport.

          2nd point: lesh badna nisma7 lal kil yiji 3a lebnen w yekhod visa 3al matar w na7na la2

          3- i think that u love the arzeh on the lebanese passport not the the lebanese passport itself bas hal arzeh ma7rou2 sillefa….

        • nabz

          LOL you can’t even get naturalized in the UAE…that’s probably why you still have your passport……end of subject.Full stop,next topic please

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      Tarek, how about a party down in Kosovo this new year?

      Fadi, well it may not be the places you want to go to but let’s look at reciprocal treatment – how many countries does Lebanon open its doors to and yet we don’t get the same treatment? If we weren’t so desperate for tourists, I would push for reciprocal treatment rather than bowing down to the West.

  • Dr Wael

    Hey guys I am a Syrian passport holder too mine the same like Lebanese (Arab Passport)can not go only to Mozambique or Saint kitts and Nevis along Arab states and we are not proud of our governments agreement with other countries to allow us to communicate directly(visit each other) Also thanks to the European discrimination policy and their racial attitude toward us we the Arabs,imagine they spent a great ammount of time and money to create a so caled system of the Schingen which they want you to have it as a dream to get the Schingen approval to trvel to any EU country.
    Soon Lebanon will get a free visa to Egypt and let go to SHARM AL SHEIKH or PETRA in Jordan,

    • Gamma Pro

      Dear Dr Wael, i have to tell u that being a Lebanese is much more than being an arab… i’m proud to be an arab… but being a Lebanese is being in the “TOP OF THIS RACE”… don’t be angry at me but this is the truth… what the Lebanese are doing is always the best even if the arabs are doing more but if we calculate the potentiels between people… the Lebanese are doing the best while the arabs are doing the lowest that they can do… that’s why every lebanese is proud… not just because he’s an arab or not because in fact this identity is not verified as it should be… and maybe the Lebanese and a part of Syrians and palestinians are phoenicians… (we should work on that) because our identity must be clear once for all

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      As the list shows, we Arabs are all in the same boat – what exactly do you have in mind? I believe the only viable option is too take reciprocity to its true meaning. Just like India does. The Indians are commendable because they wont let a foreigner in without a visa unless an Indian national gets the same privilege. US/UK/Canadian passport? You wait in line at the embassies like everyone else. I really admire that about them.

      • Dr Wael

        That is the RIGHT thing that our gov/nts have to do, and see what the reaction of the Europeans in particular will be?

  • Roger

    hi guys

    i was checking visa to CapeVerde online and it shows that Leb passport holder require visa prior traveling

    any assistance on this level? or what is ur search record for those 32 countries

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      Hi Roger,

      The information was gathered from Wikipedia. According to IATA, Lebanese passport holders must apply for a visa to Cape Verde at arrival at a cost of 25EUR. With all visa regulations, its always best to contact officials as requirements can change without notice.

      I hope this helps.

  • Nadine

    Lebanese passports do need a pre-approved visa to Georgia. I just got mine and it took over 3 weeks to process. The closest embassy is in Amman.

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      Visa regulations are notorious for changing over-night which is why its important to always check with the country’s representative office. I’ve checked IATA and it reports that Lebanese passport holders travelling to Georgia from Lebanon can either apply for a visa beforehand or

      On arrival: if required, a visa can be issued at the Visa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the airport. Fee: varies between USD 10.- and USD 200.-, according to nationality, type of visa and length of stay.

      Governments are usually slow to report to IATA any changes in their visa regulations.

  • Safi Kerdi

    i’m proud because i’m a lebanese , thanks god there is some countries we can visit without having a visa , but i have one complain on the lebanese authority (haida iza can fi authority aw houkoumehhhhhhhhhhh Haha) why the father and mother’s names are not writing in english on the new passport we are having some dificulities .
    thank you

  • Elias

    Jad I couldn’t agree more with what you said about reciprocity. I’m currently doing an internship in Europe, and I am proud to be Lebanese. However, I hate the idea of having to wait metlel hableh in front of embassy doors while citizens of EU/Canada/US get to enter freely our country by paying a visa upon their arrival. I was so pleased to learn that it was not the case in India. Besides, yes, having tourists is good, but we also should not appear to be desperate AND 3a kell el 2a7wel people who want to visit Lebanon must be courageous enough to 1st)decide to come to Lebanon with all the dangers it presents to foreigners 2)if they want to come, I’m sure obtaining a visa beforehand will not discourage them from coming. So I am completely FOR THE IDEA THAT FOREIGNERS SHOULD PASS BY A LEBANESE EMBASSY ABROAD and get the same treatment a Lebanese national would get at their embassy + pay a higher visa fee. 35 dollars is nothing…compared to the 85 euros the UK asks for a visa application… I really hope that the Lebanese government would feel more pride as to allow the enforcement of such a system.

  • mehdi


    3amahlkon ya shabeb , 2ad ma ykun bidallu l passport l lebneni refe3 rasna , li2annu fee kteer 3alam btetmana ykun ma3a haida l passport . bas kamena enno tkhini shway ye3ni enno sa7i7 ne7na mneb2a 3ala bweb l safarat , basss …..
    shu badna na3mol ye3ni 7asab kil wa7ad w ta2efto enno ye3ni 7atta l safarat sarit ta2ifeyyi , ye3ni l shi3a ma bya3tuhun visa 3ala saudia bi suhul , and the same as to sunni’s ma bya3towen Visa 3ala Iran , yalla ya s7abi l 2essa kella feyti bi ba3da , fa ahamma shi enno ne7na ma ne2bal l lebneni yeb2a 7attino bil 2ard , ye3ni ma3leishi l s3udi deghri byeji 3ala lebnen , bas ta3a ya lebneni ru7 3ala saudia , hawn l meshkli . 3ala kel 7al ma twekhzuna eza az3ajnekon , and ahamma shi l mo3ahadet l doweleyyi la7etteli tsahhelna 2murna la7etteli nen3eti2 min hal bled ba2a . w nru7 nshuf 7ayetna , 3ashr wled 3endu khayye wayneyyi l dawliii .:D good bye with all my respect

  • Helen

    I’m proud to be Lebanese , i also hold the Australian passport that i only use when entering Australia.
    When going back to Lebanon I make sure to enter with my Lebanese passport and leave with it and so when i go to visit any country. I believe that no matter what, Lebanese should be proud of their origin , look around you guys,Lebanese people around the world are making differences in governments,societies and communities.
    It’s about time we start making the difference in our country, stop judging, accusing and condemning each other … what matter is Lebanon !!
    Where do you see your country? how are you willing to make a difference? how would you sacrifice for that extraordinary place?

    • ludwig

      i want you to tear your australian passport and come back and live in lebanon. This is the problem of lebanon, living outside and commenting….

  • Jadovich

    what i really liked it a lot.that we can travel to Micronesia without a visa…yalla next destination ….Honolulu

    min bi7eb yeje ma3e 🙂

    Viva Lebanon

      • Jadovich

        hehe inno akid 2ana 3inde safra 3ala Nouvelle Caledonie ..so wala yhimmak khayyeh Jad… 🙂
        so where i go its paradise
        w honolulu badda bass 45 min bi tiyyara..so mish fer2a ktir lol

      • ludwig

        I really do think that we Can do something about it….All the countries (specially “christian, since it’s much easier for the arab countries), must be threated the same way (the same administrative obligations and fees!!!) these goverments are ruling our goverments, and soon one day, they will control us!! We don’t need their shit, we can plant ours and tell them, come and get high in our country, and people will come running, prostitution stops and people will live much better!!! Today, the US , is the first country who did the interdiction of “hash”, 1951, without any laboratory results, and they are the biggest clients (the CIA) buying from colombia and bringing it to the US, They sell it to buy millitary stuff, and kill what they can kill……etc etc, I don’t wanna bother you all, I’m sorry if it insulted anybody( my words), and think about it!!!! Lebanon can be THE PARADISE on earth, and so good that you don’t wanna and THEY don’t wanna leave, and we start buying lands from the neighboring countries….Lebanon can be 10452km2 +1000,2000 we must , just open our spirit and hearts!!!! Good bless you all!!!!

        • ludwig

          P.S. : I don’t plant it neither use it…. Solutions must be found for problems, but before that, we must see where and why the problem started!!! God bless you!

  • jack


    • Jad Aoun Post author

      Hi Jack,

      I am not a professional in visa and travel information, I am just someone who does enough research to know fact from fiction.

      Fiction: Lebanese can only travel to Jordan, Turkey and Syria without a pre-approved visa.
      Fact: That is not true as the research has shown.

      Fiction: I talk high and mighty about the Lebanese passport but in fact I have a treasure trove of Western passports up my sleeve that I pull out whenever the need arises.
      Fact: I only have one passport and that’s a Lebanese passport. I am not a citizen of any other country on this planet.

      If you have any more unfounded allegations, please feel free to present them or you can contact me directly.

  • Rita

    sounds i`m not proud to get any nationality.. i envy the birds and animals.. they can cross the rivers without any stupid papers!
    what kind of stupid goverments we have in this whole world?!! I`m married, and asked for a stupid visa to be with my husband at Christmas, and they asked me to file for immigration?!!! how the hell they think?

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      I can understand your frustration – my wife needs to apply for visas when she travel with me to Lebanon. Once you’ve been married for over a year, you can apply for Lebanese citizenship and thus will no longer need a visa. Though it is a hassle, I am not aware of any country that will allow a foreigner in just because they are married to a national – they all require visas.

  • Heba

    As I was reading the above, I noticed a common mistake- Iran is mentioned in the top Arab list whereas in fact it is not an Arab Country.
    With respect to the countries we, Lebanese citizens, can travel to without a visa, the government should definitely work on expanding it. Let us cross our fingers. N.B.: i have a Venezuelan passport which i used in my last trip the Egypt. I took the visa at the airport paying no more than 20 USD- the process didn’t take more than 2 minutes. Whereas the others, holding a Lebanese passport, were obliged to submit an application form 1 week b4 the actual day of travel and paid nearly 45 USD. Funny ehhhh

  • Heba

    something else, thanks Jad for posting “Lebanese Passport Allows Visa-Free Access to 32 Countries and Territories”. We should tackle this subject seriously. bet2de nos 3omrak filling forms and waiting for ur appointment w hay 3atok ur visa or not 🙁

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      Thanks for your comments Heba. Clearly there is a reason why Lebanon languishes at the bottom of the list, though I doubt politicians even care to tackle this issue – its not like they queue at the embassies themselves.

    • rony

      hahahaha dakhil allah ma ahdamek ya heba eh walla ma3ek kel el ha2! w2al heneh proud … la2 wshuu eli sheff el douwal 3al google earth bya3ref enu haydol ldouwal nkaradett ya3ni badek 3 days safar la tousali 3laya waktaron jouzor heneh byesma7ou lal 3alam kella mesh bas lal lebanese … enou WoW 3anjad niyelna wlk kes abou hal dawle eli ma ekhed 3a2la ela el ser2a w3la rass el satehh ma testasnou 7ada

  • Desperate

    In this case what are the TWO countries that Lebanese can then FREELY visit? (quoting, “Though according to this list, there are 35, not 32 countries Lebanese can freely visit.”)

  • Rody

    so proud to be a lebanese ….never felt this way till i left lebanon and i came to usa … the only reason they fuck with you at the airports in the US and EU because they know that lebanese people are smart motherfuckers they come with nothing and they return to lebanon with millions of dollars ………. i will take lebanon over any country . PEACE OUT HOMIES and fuck u haters lebanon is the best

  • Dr. Motasim

    Hello all,
    Need help!
    I Wana vist Lebanon with my family, m Pakistani and residing and working in Saudi Arabia, do I need pre visa or I can get on arrival visa.?

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      I recommend contacting the embassy in Riyadh. From what I know, I believe you do require a pre-approved visa but as a GCC resident, it will depend on what profession is mentioned on your residency permit. If it mentions a managerial position or doctor/lawyer/engineer, the process should be quick.

      • Israr

        I would like to visit Lebanon..Its so beautiful..I m in lov wid Lebanon ..how do i apply for VISA..

      • Israr

        Hi Jad Aoun, I would like to visit Lebanon..Its so beautiful..I m in lov wid Lebanon ..how do i apply for VISA..i am from INDIA

        • Jad Aoun Post author

          You will need to get in touch with the Lebanese Embassy or Consulate in your country. Indian nationals will require a pre-approved Visa to Lebanon, though I am not aware of the requirements.

  • ihab

    well my friends and country men .
    i hear all this talk abt being proud of holding lebanese passport and being top of the arabic race and better than others and stuff. honestly!!!! i mean i also share your love to lebanon (just the land) and i’m extreemly proud of being lebanese and i used and still beleive that we’r top of the arab race but lets just open our eyes and check out the facts. ta2ifyeh, l7oum fesdeh, 3adam woujoud 72ou2 lal insen, aghla si3er lal benzin bi kil el bled el 3arabyeh w mo3zam el bled el europyeh w 7atta el amerkyeh ma3 innou ni7na a2rab minnon killon la masdar el petrol, aghla as3ar 3akarat bil watan el 3arabi w ariban bil 3alam bi zet el wa2et a2alla raweteb w forass 3amal, istichfa mafi w killou naseb bi naseb, mafik t3ich bala ma tkoun m7azzab aw 3am tbawess ayedi el siyesiyin, fadaye7 el rachewi wel 3oumoulet wel fased elwazifi w killa makchoufeh wel zou3ama bteftekher fiya 3a rass el sate7 li anna 3arfeneh innou bi balad 7ekemtou el ta2ifyeh el 3amya ma momkin 7ada yefta7 temmou 3al teni a7la mal kill yeklou ba3ed, 3anna jech plastic ma byenfa3 illa ta yekol atleh w 3anna 7izeb jouwa el balad a2wa mill jech nafsou w min daweltou ma3ou, wazifeh badda wasta , mistachfa badda wasta , war2a mn aya wazara bil dawleh badda wasta , te3lim wasta , safar bi wasta w killou wasta bi wasta….. and the list dosnt stop here but i just got bored , anyway my point is i’m still proud to be lebanese but at least lets join hands and make those words of pride actualy worth something ta7atta ma nkoun ktir hibel w mnef2in w 3am nkazzeb 3a 7alna abel el 3alam

  • Ritta

    hello, I have some good news!!
    i have a Lebanese passport, but I`m married to an american “handsome, lovely, cute, MAN ” …….. oh excuse me, i just miss him, still waiting my visa..
    anyways, I was able to go to France, and they gave me the schengen visa within 12 days… it was really easy, i could spent 2 nice weeks there.
    but they made sure, that i will not meet my hubby there!
    good luck all…

  • Elie

    People please wake up and enough preaching about pride and cedars, you’re gonna make me cry, almost!!
    a passport defines how you are seen by other countries when you travel.
    I have to travel a lot due to my work, here is some examples of what i face:
    – to get a schengen visa, although sponsored by a European company: 2 weeks to get an appointment, 2 weeks to get the visa, a humiliating interview and strip search at the embassy, and millions of papers required.
    – gulf countries: you need a sponsor in the country, 1 week at least for the visa, exit visa to leave, if you stay 1 day over the visa period, then it’s jail for you until your sponsor picks you up and you get deported.
    – USA: you can get a visa, if you’re lucky, it’s seasonal depends on the counsel mood, then when you get there, stripped down to your boxers, and examining your hair, your shoes, your belt, everything for traces of TNT apparently. PS: even if you’re taking internal flights inside USA.
    – Land in a european airport even if just for transit: you’ll be asked million questions and people will look at you as to what did this terrorist do that made them stop him for 2 hours.

    in addition to millions of humiliating examples just for holding this forsaking passport.

    now please explain to me, where is the pride in that??? what the hell are you proud of?
    and please i beg you, save me the speeches about Lebanon and we should do what’s best for the country and pride and all that, while you’re living in Australia or Canada and come to Lebanon for the summer and travel around the world with your foreign passport and an easy life.

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      I blame the Lebanese government (current and previous). Foreign countries do not have faith in Lebanese security and you can’t blame them for that. I traveled to Korea via Amsterdam in 2006 and as soon as we got off the KLM flight we had our luggage rescreened. A Lebanese passenger protested stating that we were already screened in Beirut. The security official responded: “for all we know, Osama Bin Laden’s brother may be operating the baggage x-ray machine in Beirut”.

      The government does not take security seriously (the security month is the perfect example) and until it does, other governments will need to do the extensive background checks to ensure that criminals and terrorists are prevented from entering their country. Other governments are doing what the Lebanese government fails to do. Plus it doesn’t help when you have groups in Lebanon that openly and actively call for the destruction of other countries.

      It all boils down to security.

      And just to ensure that there are no misunderstandings – I do live outside of Lebanon but I do not have any passport other than the Lebanese.

  • Hady

    I am proud to be Lebanese and have a Lebanese passport.
    All of you dont forget that being revoked in most of the country is our power
    countries fear us but we fear nobody

    Our pride is that the biggest heads in most of the countries whom doesnt permit us to enter
    their people are being employed by Lebanese in another word serving Lebanese.
    Dont feel week or frustrated keep your heads held high even if Lebanon will be the 1st developped country in the world countries will still obstructing visa entries

    Lebanese name is engraved in the heart soul land of all the countries of the world
    this is our free visa movement

  • Rita

    Well I have another good news. Yesterday I got my immigration visa to the USA
    Within just 6 months !
    I heard in some cases it can take years. And some others just couple months.
    Now, I’m too busy packing …

    By the way, if you have schengen visa on your passport, you are allowed to travel anywhere!
    And enjoy life 😉
    Good luck all.

  • mish 3ajbo

    we did not do anything to make other countries trust us enough to give us easy access into their land. all we did and continue to do is to fight among eachother. we should work harder on ourselves and image to make others trust us more. also we should use our intelligence and skills for good purpose not for selfish means.
    bon voyage

  • charboul

    hi all i was reading all the above i am australian citizen by birth as i was born here from lebanese parents its true that we dont need a visa anywhere and i was shocked when i was going to lebanon we stopped over dubai i got a free visa on arrival for 30 days and a lebanese guy was with us in same plane from sydney bk to his home in lebanon he was stopped in a different line and waited for a long time to pass through i do love lebanon as a great country great ppl i wont live there but great for a holiday for the people they very proud in the lebanese passport its good to be proud in ur nationality as we proud to be australians we proud for a reasons and they many but u guys what make u proud to stop in lines at the australian or us embassies and after that they tell u sorry u not allowed to even visitor visa like what happened to my cousin i think i should always thank my parents for their migration to australia long time ago for a better future for us

  • Imad

    Hello Jad,

    Dis’s meaning that we don’t need a visa to go to Mozambique with a lebanese passport right ?
    Thank you for help.

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      Dear Imad, unfortunately I cannot give you a definitive answer. You will need to get in touch with the Mozambique authorities to ensure that is the case.

  • Joe

    How nice is to have a lebanese passport that allows you to travel to 3rd world countries 🙂 and the funny thing when you go to the real world for a holiday and u plan to stay more , it would be a hell for you to renew ur visa , and surely u will be asked all the stupid questions , being a Lebanese makes you proud only when you are in a plane heading to Lebanon , but once ur getting a plane going somewhere u will realise that being a Lebanese for people means ur someone with a question mark !! either a terrorist or simply a guy going to this or that country for a specific reason … be proud only when we become a real civilized country with no racism , as long as we look at black people and we see them as slaves , russian people we see them as bitches , syrian people we see them as construction workers and egyptians as people who work in a petrol station , but we see our selves always the best !! Look at the world map , and u will realise that we are not even seen !!

  • Jamal

    I’m Lebanese 2, bas pass lebneni aktar shi fi te3mel fi ?= ten2a3o w teshrab mayto , enno leyk wein fik testa3mlo ? yelli ma7ada bye7termak bi hal pass, jad ne7na cha3b a2ra3 w nozahi, cha3b 3onsori w ta2efi w mned7ak 3ala ba3dna w mafi 7ada bi7eb 7ada, wkirmel el $ betbi3 denye killa w hayda yelli 3am t2olo killo kalam 3atefi li2ano meghterbin w bas .

  • Maher

    Update: I got in contact with the Bolivian consulate here in Beirut and they said that Lebanese require a pre-approved visa from Beirut before entering Bolivia. The information on Wikipedia needs updating. Regards

  • jason

    Hi everyone,
    What a discussion, proud to be Lebanese and can go to 32 countries…
    Well don’t get me wrong, I was born in Beirut from Lebanese mother! I live in Germany and have German passport, we are the head of the list with 171 countries no visa requirement.
    The Lebanese are living in such dream in this small silly country! Germany doesn’t accept 2 nationalities, so the Lebanese are the first to give up their Lebanese passport, even before Iraqis, Iranians and Palestinians.
    I know what I’m saying I used to work as translater.
    I have been once to Lebanon: silly, very expensive, divided by religions and races.
    And very small, 11 days was horrible, just a nightmare.
    Yes you may go to 32 countries that no one else want, Eli ma shaf Shi….
    We can go everywhere and we do, lot of better countries and much cheaper. By the way, Lebanon gives free visa to attract visitors from rich countries, not because they are friendly.
    Proud to be Lebanese, stay there w ma teklo khara ktir! No human rights, no dignity…
    Proud to be German, so what is Lebanon and who cares! Most people don’t know and if then war and hisboallah!
    No thanx

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