Naharnet's Goof Up – The Carpenter's Report 6

I was reading an article on Naharnet titled False Witnesses Vote Signals Confrontation as Suleiman, Jumblat Seek Near-Impossible Consensus; Lebanese newspapers love to stuff their titles and its natural to expect the same writing style at Naharnet. However, that is not what motivated me to write this post. Towards the end of the article, I read this:

Meanwhile, President Michel Suleiman has reportedly launched a series of internal consultations in order to bridge the gap of as much as possible because of the emerging “Report of the carpenter

Carpenter’s report? Oh, they mean Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar’s report on false witnesses (Najjar is Arabic for carpenter). With all that copy-paste action of Arabic news websites, Naharnet may need to employ a few quality control professionals. Now that’s what I call lost in translation.

Naharnet Goof Up - Carpenter's Report

Naharnet Goof Up - Carpenter's Report

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