Lebanese Cuisine a Growing Hit in Delhi

Back in 2009, I had blogged about the mushrooming Lebanese food joints across the Indian capital, thanks, in part to  Indians working in Lebanese restaurants in the Arabian Gulf. And it seems the trend is still continuing strong:

You can sit on a sofa of ice sipping chilled beer at a shivering minus 5 degrees Celsius, right in the heart of Delhi! Or you can enjoy an Xbox 360 session while ordering your favourite Lebanese cuisine at a restaurant.


BluO is believed to be India’s largest 24-lane cosmic bowling centre, where people enjoy drinks, food with rocking music in dim blue lights […] and with it is a mouthwatering spread of cuisines like Lebanese, Thai and Chinese.


Enjoying a glass of chilled beer or whisky at a shivering temperature of minus 5 degrees Celsius is one such experience that has found many takers. For those who wish to have a memorable time, there could be no better place than the Ice Lounge in Saket. […] The lounge serves a selection of world cuisine, including Lebanese, Continental and Oriental.

All I can say is that Malaysians really have their work cut out for them if they expect to take on Lebanese cuisine.

Mashrabiya - Authentic Lebanese Restaurant at the Ashok Hotel, New Delhi

Mashrabiya - Authentic Lebanese Restaurant at the Ashok Hotel, New Delhi

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