Lebanese-Lesbian Goes Mainstream 11

OK, so we first had the Golden Girls, then Fox News’ 2006 War on Lesbians, followed shortly in 2008 by Salma Hayek’s “half-lesbian” and Lady Gaga graced us with her its OK to be born “Lebanese”. Of course, it doesn’t end here. Now Glee have decided to tow the Lebanese-Lesbian line. Oh, if you are a huge fan of the show and don’t want to know what is happening in Season 2 then I recommend you turn away now [SPOILER ALERT]:

“Glee” makes a comeback with the special ninety minute episode focusing on accepting who you are and being comfortable in your own skin with the finale performance of “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga where they sport white t-shirts embossed with one thing about themselves they are ashamed of, disgusted with, or simply holding as secret from themselves and the world.


Brittany confronts Santana about accepting herself and hands her a t-shirt with the word “Lebanese” on it instead of “Lesbian” while wearing one that states “I’m with Stoopid” and an arrow up to indicate herself.

And here’s the clip.

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11 thoughts on “Lebanese-Lesbian Goes Mainstream

  • Joe kazan

    Hey jad, i’m lebanese as well. just watched the episode which i thought was good in general but this part really disturbed me… I know santana justified that she was hispanic but the tshirt ? Was that really necessary ? I mean the show is viewed by millions of people all over the world and people might not understand the joke. I also realized that some started replacing the word lesbian for lebanese on the internet to be less provocative… This is bad. Sadly, u r the only one who posted about it online…

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      Hi Joe, thanks for the comment.

      I’m really not sure what’s with the whole focus on Lebanese=Lesbian. The Golden Girls episode was funny (the character Blanche had no problem repeating the word Lesbian 5 or 6 times) and you can let a guy like John Stewart get away with it but the rest is not that interesting (except for the Salma Hayek interview).

      OK, so the two words share 5 letters in common, well Libyan shares 5 also. In the case of Lady Gaga, she used “Lebanese” and “Orient” instead of Lesbian and Sexual Orientation but that’s kind of lame. You can sing about kissing a girl and liking it, and show female characters making out on TV but saying the word lesbian is considered provocative? It makes no sense to me.

    • tessastuart

      Hi Joe,
      the outside world is provocative, and if you decide to dedicate your life to disciplined spiritual living, like a monk, why not?, it is your choice which must be respected by others, on the other hand, some people prefer to be provocative, but the question – is do we have to respect their choice as well?
      Regards. Tessa

  • Joe kazan

    Well not so sure abt what gaga meant to say….
    My point is, all this stuff is kind of confusing people. I have no doubt that some might think that all lebanese are gay because of all these “misunderstandings”. The joke was funny… Even on glee but when the word lebanese is said 3 times meaning lesbian during the episode+ santana wears the tshirt at the end… The joke is overstretched and becomes lame.
    As for libian/lesbian u have a point but i guess it’s becase of the absence of “e” in libian