Burning Car Leaves Manhattan Looking Like Beirut

New York City, USA

Thanks to Olivia Alabaster and Lauren Hamra for the link to this New York post:

It may look like a scene out of downtown Beirut, but it’s actually lower Manhattan.

Shortly after dropping off a vendor and his junk goods on Canal Street, this van burst into flames and completely exploded yesterday as it rolled past Foley Square.

Robert Singleton’s creaky 11-year-old vehicle burned to a crisp, sending massive plumes of black smoke into the air near the courthouses and wreaking traffic havoc throughout the afternoon.

Everyone knows that cars in Beirut spontaneously combust and blow-up on a regular basis. No one comes close in competing with our exploding vehicles.

Kirstan Conley (kconley@nypost.com) definitely deserves the Pulitzer Prize for outstanding journalism. Kirstan, your looks like Beirut certificate will be sent out shortly.

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