Naharnet Helps Confuse An Already Confusing Political Situation 2

Some of you already know that I rarely do politics on this blog especially with the situation where we find ourselves in (at last read it was something along the lines of we are doing a crappy job in government and not working hard enough so we’ve decided that we will no longer meet to do any work until we promise to do work – and let’s not forgot that unless we are allowed to do our work, we will bring down our own government hoo-ha). But I just had to bring up this Naharnet moment:

Nabih Berri will/will not intervene in the government crisis

Nabih Berri will/will not intervene in the government crisis - either way Naharnet gets the story right

OK, so this is what I got, let’s start from the top: Nabih Berri, leader of the AMAL party, refuses to intervene to help solve this political impasse. The excerpt from the article states that he is expected to intervene, the actual article (not shown) states that he hasn’t been invited to intervene and then 20 minutes later (see the article on the bottom left) he sanctions his party to intervene.

You’d think with contradictory news articles that someone at Naharnet would notice something must be terribly wrong.

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2 thoughts on “Naharnet Helps Confuse An Already Confusing Political Situation

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      On the contrary, Naharnet should review what it posts when it gets conflicting information from different sources, it should investigate to present the truth. Anyone can copy-paste information from sources and hit the Post button, I would expect an organization like theirs to at least try to get to the bottom of the confusion.