Foreigners Voting in France Compared to Lebanon 4

Labège, France

Thanks to Elie Faresan email I received from L and Alf who left a comment for what will be the first “Looks Like Beirut” certificate sent in French. Elie’s A Separate State of Mind explains it well:

Gérald Dahan, a French imitator and comedian, faked being Louis Alliot, the #2 man of Le Pen’s right-wing Front National, and called UMP candidate to the legislative elections and former minister Nadine Morano, who’s of Italian origins.


Seconds later, a seemingly busy Morano hurries to end the conversation and does so by pitching a final idea which she believes should be enough to bring the fake-Alliot to her side. She declares her support for Marine Le Pen’s proposal not to let foreigners vote in France. Her argument?

J’ai pas envie que ça devienne le Liban chez moi.”

I don’t want it becoming Lebanon here.

I’m very much looking forward to sending this “Looks Like Beirut” certificate, though maybe I’ll need to edit it to “Looks Like Lebanon”.

Looks Like Beirut Certificate in French

Looks Like Beirut Certificate in French

  • L

    Thank you Jad! “Fachaytili khil2i”!
    On the other hand, maybe you can also start a new type of certificate, to thank those who make us proud to be Lebanese, and give a positive image about Lebanon, starting with Amin Maalouf.

    • Jad Aoun

      Thank you for the link. I like the positive image idea though I would like to make it something bigger. I’ll definitely think it through in the next few days.