An Explosively Clean Shower with Little Beirut Baths 1

Received an email from Ellen with a link to an online store that sells bath soaps called Little Beirut Baths:

Little Beirut Baths Gift Basket

Little Beirut Baths Gift Basket

Here’s a description of the products available on the site:

You want firepower? We got firepower!!! From Little Beirut Bath Comes an arsenal of weapons that will make the most seasoned infantrymen jealous. Packed in this crate, is an assortment of scented 1:1 soap replicas. This weapons package is guaranteed to impress regardless the occasion.

Kind of curious to know what occasion would necessarily warrant getting, presumably a guy, a gift basket of soap but in any case, Drew Clifford, who runs the online store (not sure if he created the soaps) is in Portland, Oregon which has been nicknamed “Little Beirut”, a phrase coined by former US President George Bush Sr. following violent riots there in the 1990s. Coincidence or has Drew decided to extend the connotation into a marketable product? I’m leaning towards marketability.

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