Indian-Lebanese Co-op 3

When we are not fighting each other, we are helping each other out:

Israel has accused the Indian troops part of the UN peacekeepers along its border with Lebanon of doing nothing to prevent the infiltration of Hezbollah supporters into its territory, but on the contrary cooperated with them, a media report said.

This follows on similar allegations raised by the Israelis in 2006:

This is not the first time when Tel Aviv has accused Indian troops stationed in south Lebanon of having helped Hezbollah. Indian troops were blamed by Tel Aviv for not only quietly watching the abduction of three Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah in October 2000 but even assisting them after having accepted bribes.

Despite such grave allegations, Israel seems to be content with supplying India with over US$1 billion of military equipment a year. That kind of news really waters down such allegations.

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3 thoughts on “Indian-Lebanese Co-op

  • the count of monte cristo

    it’s normal that Indians troops there help Hizbulla specially many Indians are Muslims.

    Israel sell the military equipments to the state of India not the Muslim people of India.

  • Anne Moss

    Imported from Facebook

    I think Israelis blame the UN for not doing much to contain HA in Lebanon in general. Never heard anyone blame the Indian forces specifically.

    • Jad Aoun Post author

      @Anne Moss, I understand that thought but still the blame was directed towards the Indian battalion. Money talks and the Israeli Army is more likely to get a response from the Indians through financial and military means rather than the incredibly slow process of the United Nations.

      @the count of monte cristo, 14% of the Indian population call themselves Muslim. If I’m not mistaken, the majority are Sunni. If, for arguments sake, the entire Indian deployment in South Lebanon are Muslims, would they really support Hezbollah against “a greater evil”? I can’t really see that happening.