I'm Back from an unannounced hiatus
I’ve been on an unannounced hiatus since February but I am back now with a redesigned website and a greater focus on how I want the site to proceed. The site will focus more on “Looks Like Beirut” across multiple mediums (specifically Twitter) while I will transition “Under Rug Swept” […]

KFC Store in Lebanon
Once again, a thank you to Sarah for flagging this advert from KFC in the UK: So here’s the important part: A dad is sitting at a KFC restaurant with his son and daughter, who are both busy with their phones. The dad tries to have a conversation with them: […]

KFC UK Advert Leaves Bitter Beirut Taste

Black and white photo of Beirut road with cars and a motorcycle
It has happened again! Homes that look like Beirut (or whatever that means). It all began with a simple tweet for assistance: We’re looking for dramatic & inspiring images of island that look like other places in the world for a campaign. Eg: Priory bay = Caribbean — David A […]

@ChurchStreetMc: Daughter’s room looks like Beirut

Wet Beirut by AhmadHisham, on Flickr
A big thanks to Sarah for sending me this “looks like Beirut” alert and the audio to accompany it. This report was broadcast on BBC Radio on February 7 in regards to the flooding that has left significant property and infrastructure damage. Here is some background info from the Herald […]

David Force Compares Dawlish Flood Destruction to Beirut

Beirut by the sea
Pick up from where I left off in the last post on homes looking like Beirut, DAVY (@DavidCarson66) has been cooking up a storm in his kitchen and was left with a serious mess: @ann_annalu @MarieElliott22 Boo hoo. Kitchen looks like Hiroshima. Worse than Beirut — DAVY (@DavidCarson66) January 26, […]

DAVY: Kitchen Mess Looks Like a Beirut War Zone

Taken on January 28, 2012
Photo by Paul Saad
My anecdotal research has concluded that messy homes are the number one situations that are compared to Beirut. If it’s on the Internet, its got to be true, right? Well, Twitter did not disappoint yesterday. Let’s begin with Claire Allan (@ClaireAllan). According to Claire’s own website (www.claireallan.com), she is an […]

Claire Allan: Home Reorganization Leads to State of Beirut