Lebanese students falling behind in mathematics and science

Lebanese Students Below Average in Mathematics and Science

Lebanon has been participating in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) since 2003 – an international assessment of the mathematics and science knowledge of fourth grade and eighth grade students around the world. Lebanon however has been participating on the 8th grade level only (not sure why) […]

Mohamed Eskandar’s Canadian Setlist Forced to Drop Homophobic, Misogynistic Songs 6

THe LGBTQ advocacy group, HELEM, has succeeded in getting Mohamed Eskandar to alter his setlist for his performances in Ottawa and Montreal this Saturday and Sunday due to the homophobic and misogynistic nature of two of his songs, Dod el Enef and Jomhouryet Albi: “Dod el Enef,” is translated from […]

Mohamed Eskandar

Beirut Airport

Lebanon Remains at the Bottom of Visa Free Travel Index 14

Henley and Partners (H&P), a global legal firm that deals with immigration, have released their 2012 Visa Restriction Index with no major surprises. The Lebanese passport remains at bottom 10, tied with Nepal. In terms of Arab countries, here is the list of passports to have for a visa-free travel […]