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Less than a year since the launch of 3G networks in Lebanon, mobile telcom operator, Alfa is preparing for an upgrade: Lebanese mobile operator Alfa has selected Astellia, a provider of monitoring solutions for optimizing mobile network QoS, to deliver a vendor-independent 3G+ monitoring solution. According to Alfa’s Chief Technology Officer, Assaad […]

Telcom Provider Alfa Prepares to Upgrade 3G Capabilities

Following yesterday’s debacle of two contradicting bank rankings (WEF’s Global Competitive Report naming Lebanese banks the safest while at the same time Global Finance mentioning the only safe bank in the Arab World is Kuwait’s NBK), we’ve found oursevles another pointless ranking by the people at the Arab Advisors Group: […]

Lebanon Lands Smack in the Middle of Arab Telecom Penetration ...

NGOs the world over are known for their immediate action whenever there is trouble brewing in any part of the world. They are there to provide people with the basic needs in order to survive traumatic times. However, one NGO has learned that sometimes people need to also contact their loved […]

Food, Medicine, Shelter and a Phone Call

Lebanon’s communication backbone is preparing for an eagerly awaited upgrade: …OGERO (Organisme de Gestion et d’Exploitation de l’ex Radio Orient), the incumbent telecommunications operator of the government of Lebanon has named Zhone as its preferred IP access equipment provider. OGERO selected Zhone equipment to support several major projects which include […]

Internet Upgrade

I have a soft spot for economic development and construction projects, so I decided to share with you the latest projects to be tendered with construction work possible starting in a neighborhood near you: Construction of 3 Solid Waste Treatment Facilities in 3 Areas: Tripoli, Michmich and Hbaline Advanced Information […]

In An Area Near You