Journalist/Blogger Brittany Wallman of the Sun Sentinel had this to say about a piece she recently wrote:

Fort Lauderdale city officials will make a move this summer to tear down the New River Condominiums you’ll see in this video. On the jump I’ll post my full story on this complex, which building official Valerie Bohlander told city commissioners was like “Beirut.” You’ll understand that comment when you see the condos.

Here’s the video in question:

I’ve watched the video and I still can’t understand the “Beirut” comment. To me it looks more like New Orleans than Beirut. I guess I’m missing something.

Anyway, the comment originated not from Brittany but rather from Valerie Bohlander:

Waterfront buildings with condos that just five years ago were outfitted with granite countertops and quickly snapped up by dozens of investors stand vacant today, abandoned, and in ruins.
Hunks of countertops are scattered about. Not a window or door remains.
Every shred of metal was a target for looters. The walls are gaping where opportunists ripped in for copper piping.
“It looks like Beirut out there,” city building official Val Bohlander told elected officials.

Both will be receiving a Looks Like Beirut Certificate.