Summer is here which means every Lebanese expat heads back to the motherland to get married. However this marriage is technically different:

Showtime Arabia and the Orbit Group have agreed to merge their pay-TV operations to create the Middle East’s largest operator.

See, this marriage is between two rivals that have been fiercely competing with each other for over 12 years and will literally change the face of pay-TV in the Middle East. Of course, where else would these two couples tie the knot than in the “Paris of the Middle East“:

Argaam is reporting that officials from two of the region’s major pay-TV providers, Orbit and Showtime, have agreed to merge. The officials reportedly met in Beirut last Sunday, and have appointed Credit Suisse to advise the deal.

Of course this means that the new company will have a monopoly over the industry and we’ll have to increase our “gifts” to their “wedding account”.

Speaking of weddings, mine is in 24 days and unlike the rest of you, it will not take place in Lebanon. Instead, I’ll be sweating it out in the blistering heat of Dubai in August. Now that’s what I call commitment.