is reporting that the website of Al-Akhbar newspaper has been hacked. Tried it myself and I can confirm that when you try accessing it, you are redirected to what appears to be a Saudi website: Al-Akhbar Website was Hacked Al-Akhbar Website was Hacked

Rough Translation of report:

The Hezbollah-backed newspaper Al-Akhbar’s website experienced a cyber-attack where visitors were redirected to a Saudi chat website; there has been no comment from the newspaper. Some have questioned the hack and considered it a failed attempt by the paper to suggest the existence of a Saudi conspiracy. It is also noted that the National News Agency did not carry any news from Al-Akhbar newspaper today.

Where I landed when I tried accessing the Al-Akhbar website.

Where I landed when I tried accessing the Al-Akhbar website.

Update – December 9, 2010: Al Akhbar comments stating attacks correspond with Wikileaks release:

Al-Akhbar newspaper has been hit by a cyber attack since publishing cables from whistleblower WikiLeaks.

“We have been the victim of a cyber attack targeting the paper’s internal information system for the past few days,” a member of al-Akhbar’s editorial team, Elie Chalhoub, said.

Al-Akhbar’s cooperation with WikiLeaks “may well be the principal reason for the attack,” he said.