And I did nothing to make it happen:

[Penwortham town mayor Coun Jim Hothersall] said: “They are teenagers from a renowned area in Penwortham. I have got to stress Penwortham is a super place to live but there is a particular ward where there is a particular problem and they are instantly recognisable. In fact, the local ward councillor refers to the area as Beirut.”

He made that statement on air with BBC Radio 2. Of course, people were unhappy to be compared to our beloved city:

“I regret using the term ‘Beirut’ – it wasn’t me who originally used the reference. I was merely quoting somebody. I apologise unreservedly to those people who have taken offence.”

So I guess the area is not that bad. Though I must give credit to the unnamed reporter of the article:

Say ‘Beirut’ and images of a bomb-strewn civil war zone will spring to mind for a certain generation. Yet the Lebanese capital was this week hailed as the hottest tourist destination in the world after years of rebuilding.
So that’s the problem –  a certain generation of people has a fixed mindset of Beirut and that it seems that the situation will only change once they all die off. That means I still have time and many more certificates to send out.