The US Government is on the offensive. Its launched a name-and-shame campaign against organizations who took stimulus money from the government but didn’t play by the rules. One of the organizations recently shamed: the American University of Beirut:

The board in charge of overseeing the economic-stimulus package today is naming and shaming recipients of stimulus dollars who it says have failed to file quarterly reports explaining what they’ve done with the money. That’s one of the requirements of getting it, but, the board said, some 4,359 recipients didn’t submit their first reports, covering the third quarter of 2009. In the final quarter of the year, the board said, it didn’t hear from 1,036 recipients who received $583 million in stimulus money.

AUB is among those that have not filed in their paperwork. Remind me again, what is the penalty if a student doesn’t file his/her paperwork on time?

AUB's College Hall

AUB's College Hall: A plaque near the entrance of the building thanks US taxpayers for their donations. Maybe they need to add one for the stimulus money they received.