I’ve been contemplating this for a while and I have decided to proceed with it. For the past 4 months, I’ve been dishing out virtual “Looks Like Beirut” Awards and now I’ve decided that I want to go for the real thing. Though, I was thinking more on the line of a certificate the winner can proudly hang on his/her wall.

When it comes to designing and publishing, the best I can do with is Microsoft Publisher. I know its lame but here’s what I developed:

"Looks Like Beirut" Award Certificate

"Looks Like Beirut" Award Certificate

It’s quite basic and I’m thinking of including in the package the original article (where the quote was mentioned) and the post that appeared on my website with the corresponding comments.

So basically I’m just curious about your thoughts on this. If you would like to design a better looking certificate, please do. You can contact me on jad@jadaoun.com with your feedback and suggestions.

My plan is to have these mailed out within a week of the article appearing.

Let me know what you think.