In a further deterioration of relations between Lebanon and Bahrain, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Manama has decided to freeze joint councils between the two countries:

The BCCI attributed its decision to the “blatant interference” of influential parties in these countries in Bahrain’s domestic affairs.

“We decided to freeze the joint councils as senior officials from these countries kept issuing statements that could not be accepted or tolerated and that clashed with the principles and values of good neighbourhood and political relations,” the BCCI said.

The suspension of the business council will be lifted only after the countries change their attitudes towards Bahrain, the BCCI said.


Some parties in Lebanon have also worked on creating chaos, boosting tension and sowing divisions between Bahrainis,” the chamber of the powerful business community said.

The BCCI cannot tolerate the violation of international norms and the targeting of Bahrain and decided to freeze the joint councils, the chamber said.

What ever could be next?

Bahrain freezes joint councils with Iran, Lebanon and Iraq

Bahrain freezes joint councils with Iran, Lebanon and Iraq