That’s actually the tagline for the 2002 movie, The Ring.The Lebanese Army is working on a similar one along the lines of: pick up the phone that rings and you could rot in a Lebanese prison:

The Lebanese army is warning people not to respond to recorded phone messages asking for information about missing Israeli soldiers.

An army statement said Saturday that the messages were a violation of Lebanese sovereignty. It said any response would be considered “clear collaboration” with Israel.

"Cleaer collaboration" means a one-way ticket to military court. So be warned.

Of course there is a slight problem with the fact that these calls are originating from countries other than Israel, particularly the UK so you if you don’t have friends and family in London, I wouldn’t answer that phone. Unless its a potential recruiter, since you probably can’t find a decent job in Lebanon so you’ve flood every single country on the planet with your CV, and this just might be your lucky break. What do you do?!?