From Englewood, Chicago in the US:

The empty, four-story shell on Gottfried Creek known infamously as the “Beirut Building” could be demolished in 60 days — or not — depending on what a judge, newly assigned to the case, decides.

The building, so named after the way it looks, also has certain characteristics similar to the real Beirut: its a resistance fighter:

Over the last 20 years, the Beirut Building has assumed a seemingly dogged resistance to annihilation. It has endured repeated attempts to flatten it while never fulfilling its potential to become something useful like its twin, the neighboring Edgewater Center.


From: - "Their Beirut Building"

To come to think of it, Beirut has its own “Beirut Building” – the Murr Tower.
Now that’s an eye-soar.

Update – May 21, 2009: Turn Beirut building into city hall