What started off as a simple letter to a newspaper addressing the issue of big business moving into the town of Todmorden (near Manchester) has, somehow, turned into Beirut-bashing:

REGARDING the Sainsbury’s supermarket proposal, I have always been a supporter and customer of Todmorden small business and market and hope they remain in the community for many years to come.

However, in my opinion I feel another supermarket would be beneficial to the town as it will attract visitors from neighbouring towns who will come here to shop and while here visit other establishments – cafes, shops, the market etc.


Surely its better for Todmorden people to do their shopping at Todmorden Sainsbury’s rather than Halifax or Burnley’s.

The town’s beginning to look like Beirut which, by the way, has a few markets but would you go there to shop?

Darrell Sunderland,

Summerfield Road, Todmorden

Well Darrell, I would love to answer your questions with these links:

Any many other Beirut+shopping articles and reports are out there. Maybe its time to step-out from your quaint Todmorden home and have a look at Google.com, you’ll be quite surprised to see what you can find.

Oh, before I forget, here’s your Looks Like Beirut certificate. Good job!

Looks Like Beirut Certificate for Darrell Sunderland

Darrell, you can click on the image and print a copy. Make sure to frame it.