The man behind one of Lebanon’s largest consumer goods distribution company has died:

Prominent Lebanese businessman Bernard Fattal died in a car accident in Cairo on Saturday.

Fattal and his colleague Tony Saade, who also died in the accident, were traveling to the residence of mutual friend Nicholas Tueni, when the car flipped three times on the highway before it crashed after a tire blew out.

Fattal and Saade were killed immediately, and their driver went into a coma due to severe injuries sutained in the crash.

Fattal, who’s known to be a hunting enthusiast and who practiced his hobby in several countries in Africa and Europe, was in Egypt with Saade for a hunting trip when the ill-fated car crash occured.

Fattal headed the Khalil Fattal et Fils corporation, an agent for multinational companies and distributor of premium brands in Lebanon and the Levant.

In case you are not familiar with Fattal, they are distributors of everything from 3M to Yves Saint Laurent. The list of brands they control is enormous.

He is survived by his wife and three sons.