Jad Aoun

Who Am I?

My Biography: Who is Jad Aoun

I grew up in New York City and Beirut (yes I know, worlds apart and I do not mean geographically) and in 2000, I graduated from high school and attended the American University of Beirut. In 2003, I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and soon after landed a job at the Beirut office of the Korea Trade Promotion & Investment Authority (KOTRA). The role of KOTRA is to promote Korean trade and involved marketing research and analysis on behalf of Korean companies as well as the organization of trade delegations in both directions. In Lebanon, the KOTRA office was a part of the [South] Korean Embassy and therefore I was reporting directly to the embassy’s Commercial Attaché.

After working at KOTRA for two years, I was offered a position to join the Dubai-based Amana Contracting Group in Dubai. At the time, the company was a 5,000-strong industrial contractor operating within the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. There was no marketing or communications department at the time with the related decisions made by the Chief Operating Officer on an ad hoc basis. Working with the COO and the Board of Directors, I worked on establishing a marketing department which was cemented in 2011 with the formal formation of the unit and also coincides with the completion of my MBA degree at the Dubai campus of Middlesex University, London. Today, the company has over 13,000 employees across the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman. I have been with the company since joining them in 2005.

Biography: My Life Timeline

My Theme Song

I came across this question while looking at unusual interview questions: If you were to walk into a room, what song would play? What would be your theme song? For me, without a doubt, would be Centuries by Fall Out Boy. Why? Simply put, “you will remember me for centuries”.

Key Personality Traits

Based on psychometric testing

Optimistic and Energetic

Always busy with some project or another. Cheerful and good-natured; rarely gets stressed out. Goes with the flow.

Creative and Practical

Imaginative when it comes to practical things, mechanics and crafts. Novel ideas come easily; ready to get their hands into the action.

Spontaneous and Rational

Switches mindsets to fit new situations with little effort; Flexible and versatile.


Know How to Prioritize

Stores spontaneity for a rainy day, releasing energy just when it is needed.


Great in a Crisis

Thanks to creativity and spontaneity; Enjoy little physical risk, not afraid to get hands dirty when the situation calls for it.


Live in the moment and go with the flow attitudes; Refuses to excessively worry about the future.