Ramzan is to blame for Lebanon’s loss against Sri Lanka (I guess they mean Ramadan):

Lebanon coach Emile Rustom blamed the Muslim holy month of Ramzan for his side’s predicament at the Nehru Cup Ambedkar Stadium here tonight.

”The most important thing is this is the first day of Ramzan and our boys did not eat or drink. Plus we got a man sent off early and the Lankans were too athletic. It was too much for [the team],” he rued.

”The heat was too much and the boys were tired as we were playing our second match. Their players were fresh as they were playing their first match,” he added.

It seems to be more like a perfect storm: fasting, fouls and fit men brought Team Cedars down.

Update – August 25, 2009

Well now it seems that the Syrians have decided to comment on Lebanon’s excuse for losing against Sri Lanka:

“Lebanon lost to Sri Lanka and we beat Sri Lanka today.

Of course, the Syrian coach, Fajer Ebrahim, acknowledges that the “therefore statement” of Syria beating Lebanon may not hold true, he does however, take a quick stab at our fasting players:

“All our players are fasting but they played so well today. They are playing an international tournament for the first time during Ramadan under my charge. I am proud of them,” he said.