And not in a good way:

If you’re wondering ‘How bad are things in Europe?’, this week provided you with a chilling answer.
Interviewed by [war correspondent Arnold] Karskens, Vlaams Belang member Frédéric Erens is succinct: ‘This is the new Beirut’.

Now, on the surface, this would warrant a Looks Like Beirut certificate, however, blogger Klein Verzet goes on to clarify:

Isn’t that just peachy-keen? The capital of the EUnion, that shining beacon of new supra-national ‘post-democratic’ governance, descending into an anarchy comparable to Beirut at its worst in the 1980’s. Tells you all you need to know about the EUnion, doesn’t it?

You can’t disagree with that, now can you? However, we can send Frédéric Erens, the guy who made the comment a certificate.

Brussels: A Euro Beirut

Brussels: A Euro Beirut