Patchi is looking for investors to share in their chocolate success:

Patchi, the family-owned Lebanese chocolate chain, is planning stock listings in Dubai and London to help fund its global expansion, which could include a line of cafés in addition to its chocolate shops.

Mazin Obeidi, executive general manager, describes these cafes as “Starbucks, but at a higher level”. Which says very little except the idea has very little creativity and I’m assuming “higher level” is pronounced “over-priced” (can you get more expensive then Starbucks?).

Nevertheless, the company may have sweet fortunes in its future:

Wolff Olins, the consultant behind the London 2012 Olympics logo and the Product Red campaign, recently tipped Patchi as one of five food and drinks brands from emerging markets that had the potential to become global brands.

I’ll have a 1000 shares and your “Starbucks-like” frappa-mappa-mocha-coffee thingy.