Detroit Metro Airport is courting airlines to establish direct routes between Detroit and the Middle East after the failed 2010 attempt to establish direct flights to Beirut:

Officials at a Detroit airport are urging international airlines to launch nonstop flights between the US city and Dubai to cater to its substantial Arab-American population. Staff at Detroit Metro Airport have set up an online petition in the hopes of encouraging either Emirates or Delta Airlines to add the route to their existing networks, according to local media.

A major disappointing fact is that officials in Detroit still believe that a Beirut flight would be beneficial:

Ideally, there would also be connections between Detroit and Lebanon, officials were reported as saying, given that many US residents have families in that country. However, security constraints do not permit this.

Clearly things are not going to change for some time.

Detroit, USA, 10/09/2010 by ka_tate -- via flickr

Detroit, USA, 10/09/2010 by ka_tate -- via flickr