Can you imagine three teenagers charged with 200 sexual assault offenses in a span of two months? Wondering why am I bring this issue up?

You guessed it, there’s a Lebanese connection:

Eric Mumbler, 19, and his workmates at a demolition business, Nabil Merhi, 18, and Ahmed Yehia, 19 […are…] charged with raping and threatening to kill two men [and] are at risk of fleeing to Lebanon.

Senior Constable Chris Walsh of the sexual crimes squad told the court Merhi and Yehia had family connections in Lebanon and had travelled there following the alleged offences. Mumbler, who is not of Lebanese descent, had a girlfriend in Lebanon, and intended to move there to live.

Charged with raping men after having a girlfriend? Well we can safely assume things didn’t go well in the relationship department. It might have screwed with his head so much that he voluntarily wants to move to Lebanon! Why would you want to do something like that! I ask the Australian courts to keep the three confined Down Under and if found guilty, please DO DEPORT THEM TO LEBANON.  Clearly they cannot comprehend their actions.