I believe this might be our very first “Looks Like Beirut” comment from Canada:

On the day after Tuesday night’s grand Mardi Gras parade and blowout, stages were being dismantled around the site of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, temporarily repaved streets readied to be torn up again for infrastructure renovations, and festival organizers were relating numbers and anecdotes to the assembled media.


The Place des Festivals -which hosted the widely heralded Brian Setzer Orchestra, Beast and Mardi Gras blowouts -“has met up to our expectations,” [Co-founder Alain] Simard said. “It will combine with the Quartier des Spectacles to change the look of Montreal, particularly the eastern part of downtown, which seemed like Beirut.”

Our friend from Montreal thinks that a few “cramped walkways” and poor interior renovation work at the Place des Arts can be best described as Beirut. A “Looks Like Beirut” Certificate should help change that. I’ll be sending one by snail mail.

Pianist Allen Toussaint performs at the Montreal International Jazz Festival's closing Mardi Gras blowout on Tuesday -a night that included the Mardi Gras parade along Ste. Catherine St. and the concert at Place des Festivals. Photograph by: JOHN MAHONEY THE GAZETTE, Freelance