With record high temperatures and far too many people in the country at the moment, it was no surprise that capacity at our decaying power stations would collapse from a state of utter uselessness to complete non-existence. But don’t you worry, Electricite du Liban (EDL) has prepared rationing schedules:

“Demand is exceeding the maximum production capacity of all water and thermal stations and causing an overload, which is leading to an unstable power supply in most Lebanese regions,” the statement said, adding that importing electricity from Syria and Egypt has been halted due to the pressure on Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian power stations.

The statement then explained that severe rationing was a necessary decision in this case, even during the night.


“EDL sympathizes with the people, whether in Akkar or in other regions, and asks them to understand the situation without resorting to negative reactions that only make things worse,” the statement added. It said that it treated all people equally, not differentiating between areas.

We all know that’s not true; even EDL acknowledges in the same press release that it discriminates when it comes to rationing power:

However, it said the capital was exempt from this [severe rationing] because it followed a special rationing system that did not exceed three hours per day.

So just to paraphrase, EDL does not discriminate when rationing powers among regions but does discriminate. Isn’t it great to know that we have such an honest company powering Lebanon into the 19th century.

EDL: Discriminate power rationing

EDL: Discriminate power rationing