A Canadian city is hoping to establish direct flights to Beirut:

Windsor is lobbying to be part of a new jet passenger service from Canada to the Middle East hub of Beirut, Lebanon, a route that at least three international airlines are interested in flying.

Mayor Eddie Francis said there is interest by Lebanon-based Middle East Airlines in a new Canadian route that would start in Windsor and make a stopover in Montreal, which handles an additional 30,000 annual passengers to Beirut.

Could we be heading on the same flight path again? Think back to 2003. Here, let me help you:

On March 7, 2003, Air Canada announces direct flights between Beirut and Montreal stating in June. A day before the first flight from Montreal, the Canadian Transportation Agency revoked the license it granted the airline in March.

It turns out that the US had its hand in the decision fearing that a direct flight from Beirut would give terrorists easy access to North America (or so the rumor mill spewed). Of course it really made no sense why a direct route to North America would be a greater threat than a stop-over in London, Paris, Amsterdam or Dubai but the Powers That Be made their decision then, we’ll have to wait and see if they reinforce it this time around.

Coming Soon to an Beirut Airport Near You?
Coming to a Beirut Airport Near You