Brittany Wallman has responded to my “Looks Like Beirut Certificate” following a comparison of a run-down condominium in the city to the Lebanese capital. Through a post on her blog titled, Bloggers in Lebanon angry over Broward Politics blog post, she proceeds to provide background to her readers on her previous article and subsequent certificate she received.

In the end, she concludes:

Sorry, Beirut! I’m sure you’re a lovely city!

Overall, could well be considered a success however, the comments to her post shows that more work will need to be done to rid the world of the cliche. Here are some memorable comments:

I am confused all this concern on what a Fort Lauderdale City Staffer says I would be more concerned about what your neighbors are up to not some nice woman in Fort Lauderdale-You see here woman have careers and are self supporting not running around barefoot and pregnant so to speak and they also have equal rights and are not treated like secound class citizens
City Activist Robert Walsh

And this one…

Don’t worry about anyone in the USA ever losing their “Tired cliches” about Beirut. Especially the brave U.S. Marines that defended the U.S. Embassy from cowardly attack by terrorist thugs. Its such a great city though , for terrorists and Islamic radicals, that is. Read the U.S. Gov travel warnings for Beirut, not exactly a honeymoon destination, is it?
A Concerned Citizen

Anyone care to respond to these comments?