SNP councilor Billy McAllister had this to say about the spate of car thefts in the Milton area of Glasgow:

“It’s like Beirut and people are sick and tired of it.

“They have been complaining consistently because they are using it like Brands Hatch up there.

“They cannot get a sleep, it’s not safe to walk the pavements and the neds are even driving into hedges.

“I have requested a meeting with the chief constable and the divisional commander because the whole thing is now beyond a joke.”

Of course councilor McAllister is not the only person to blame for the comment. Paul O’Hare, the journalist behind the article is also at fault as he cleverly starts off his piece by stating:

A district plagued by teenage car thieves has been compared to a Beirut war zone by the local councillor.

I’m thinking two certificates are in order.

Once the thieves have the cars, they take it for a joy ride and upload their adventures on YouTube. That alone should be proof enough that this isn’t Beirut – it would take months to upload a single YouTube video.