I usually steer clear of politics on this blog only because there are others who do a great job at tackling it than I do. But I came across this article in the UAE’s The National which I found quite interesting. The journalist is speaking to an unnamed “commander of a Hezbollah security team in Ain Al Roumanieh” following the incident yesterday (Oct. 7). Here’s what he has to say:

“Young men on scooters came from Shiyah and began circling near a restaurant in Ain al Rummaneh,” the spokesman said. “A heated exchange with local residents ensued and knives were used, leaving one dead and four injured, all from Ain al Roumanieh.”
“I was called to the scene by my commanders to investigate and the Amal youth asked Hizbollah for help,” he said. “We told them ‘No. Your people are out drinking and gambling and getting into fights with the Christians when all of Lebanon is nervous. Enough.’”
“Those Christians boys are much tougher than the Sunnis; I don’t think the Amal kids understand this. [The Christians] have a lot of training and weapons from the civil war. Hizbollah does not want to see violence with these people,” he said, pointing out that even when Hizbollah and Amal took over West Beirut in May 2008 to rid the area of Sunni militias, they intentionally avoided antagonising their Christian rivals for fear of sparking a wider conflict.

Curious to know your thoughts about this.