Tewksbury, Massachusetts, USA – population 29,000 apparently had a “looks like Beirut” moment. No it wasn’t a burned out building or rioting. No destruction or chaos – just police helicopters in the sky (thanks to Olivia Alabaster for the link):

Is it me or have there been enough helicopters flying around recently to make Tewksbury seem like downtown Beirut?

“Me” in the quote above refers to Bill Gilman, editor of the Tewksbury Patch. Now I really don’t get how helicopters flying overhead could be compared to Beirut; thinking of helicopters flying over cities, I can think of cities from Abbottabad, Pakistan to Los Angeles, California. Don’t really figure Beirut into it.

This surely calls for a “Looks Like Beirut” certificate.

Tewksbury Hospital, Old Administration Building, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, February 2010