Hmm, I wonder if getting drunk on this would reserve you a seat in heaven:

With faith on their side and blessed harvests, Lebanon’s Christian Maronite monks have injected a touch of modern marketing savvy into their age-old wine-making tradition to launch the country’s first certified organic wine. Emblazoned with a cross, their wine bottles recently hit stores under the label Adyar, the Arabic word for monasteries, catching the eye of connoisseurs.

Not really surprised; you should see priests in Lebanon gulp down the eucharistic wine – not even a single drop is given to the parishioners.

“The fact that the monks have been very enterprising and have blown the Maronite cross onto each bottle will give that added cache both to people here and abroad,” said Michael Karam, who authored an award-winning book on Lebanese wines in 2004 and is working on a new guide coming out later this year. […] “People will be drawn to it because it’s got a unique story, and everyone likes a story behind a bottle of wine.”

I’m pretty sure there are some unique stories that will come up after the wine too!

A Maronite monk checks the quality of the 'Adyar' organic wine at the reserve of the monastery of Mar Mussa in the mountains northeast of Beirut.

Photo:Joseph Eid/AFP