Tomorrow is my wedding and the days leading to it have been slow (Internet-wise) – I just couldn’t find the time to blog or read blogs.

Well, I’ve decided to officially move offline for the next 10 days. That means no emails, no blogging – I’m going cold-turkey so don’t be surprised if my Facebook status changes during that time, it just means that I cannot stay away from the web.

I’ll have a wedding photo album set-up somewhere in cyberspace so that you can all share in the celebrations.

I’ll see you all on the other side.

Update – August 10, 2009:

Well, I’m about a few hours away from the start of the honeymoon (a staycation in the UAE) so I thought I’d share with you the amateur photos taken during my wedding celebrations on Thursday.

The photos are best viewed using Internet Explorer. Click here to view the photos.