Today is International Cliche Day and so I’ve decided it would be a perfect time to remember the most memorable “Looks Like Beirut” comments of the past months:

January 2009: “…I won’t spend a lot of money tearing down those houses. If that’s going to be Beirut, let it be Beirut, but don’t let Beirut grow…”
Wayne County Sheriff, Warren Evans

February 2009: “The area has got some problems, it does need help but the last thing it needs is being described as Beirut,”
Lichfield City Council Member, John Bayliss

March 2009: “…cars were on fire…tyres were going off, it was a bit like Beirut.”
Pub Landlord, Andy Ward

April 2009: “George Bush Sr.’s staff called Portland “Little Beirut” in the early 1990s.  Now some say Portland is on the way to becoming “Little Dubai”  (a wildly overdeveloped Middle Eastern nation).”
Staffer under George Bush Sr.

May 2009: “Director McG (”Charlie’s Angels”) fuels “Terminator Salvation” with exceptional visual effects and sharp sound, but more shouting and explosions than a Super Bowl in Beirut.
Tyler Hanley

June 2009: “You would think, ‘Is this Beirut?’ This is a case about self-defense and self-preservation,”
Defense Attorney Kevin Reddington

July 2009: “Its hard to find a real terrorist…there’s no Craigslist in Beirut…”
Sacha Baron Cohen

August 2009: “People throw things at windows. It’s like living in Beirut sometimes.”
Residents of South Elmsall

September 2009: Frightened residents being terrorised by rampaging neds in an Airdrie street have claimed – “it’s like living in Beirut!”
Residents of Airdrie North

October 2009: “…exhibited varying styles and quality of design around key features . . . poor quality of build, external gas pipes, poor bricklaying … and buildings erected in the wrong place…locals now call it ‘Beirut,'”
The’s Geramine Greer