Remember the Danny F II, the ship carrying livestock form the Ukraine to Tartous in Syria that sank off the coast of Tripoli in December? Well apparently, other than UNFIL, the Lebanese Navy and the British Army (stationed in Cyprus), Israel also took part in the rescue mission:

Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel and its military attache thanked Israel this week for the December 12th rescue of sailors from a merchant ship that sank off the coast of Lebanon.

Well, the Israel National News website got it wrong. The ship went down on December 17th and not on the 12th. Don’t worry, its not the first time the INN errs. February last year, they had an article on Lebanon’s former president, Emile Lahore.

Danny F II: Sank Off the Coast of Lebanon in December

Danny F II: The crew was rescued by UNFIl, Lebanese and UK forces, and apparently, Israel.