I really can’t get my head around this Beirut comparison:

Businesses are backing plans to build houses in one of Stoke-on-Trent’s crumbling regeneration areas.


Martin Adams, who has run A&A Auto Repair, which backs on to the planned housing site, for the past six years, said: “Having houses built will be a godsend. We lost a lot of custom when the houses disappeared and nothing much was built. Now customers ring ahead but when they arrive they look around and decide not come in. Six years ago this area was busy and clean. We have had that many arguments with Stoke-on-Trent City Council, because everything has been flattened and then left to look like Beirut.

Usually I come across descriptions of derelict buildings resembling “Beirut” with the community requesting the authorities to tear it down. Now we have the post-tear down stage and apparently that looks like “Beirut”?

You know what also looks like Beirut? This:

From Wikipedia: Beirut

From Wikipedia: Beirut

Martin Adams, your Looks Like Beirut certificate will be dispatched shortly.