We have another winner for my Looks Like Beirut award:

The greiving brother-in-law of the late Michael Eccles has hit back at unhelpful national media coverage of the city following the father-of-five’s tragic death.

A comparison of the Weston Road and Dimbles Lane area in which Mr Eccles lived and died to ‘Beirut’ was described as ‘the last thing the area needs’ by Mr Bayliss.

“The area has got some problems, it does need help but the last thing it needs is being described as Beirut,” Mr Bayliss told the Mercury.

“We have got enough negativity – it isn’t bloody Beirut, there’s hundreds of good people here.

That last sentence reminds me of John McCain’s defense of Barak Obama: “He’s not Arab, he comes from a good family.”

And here’s Beirut:

Beirut - no good people here

Beirut - no good people here