A complete about face in a matter of 7 days! From KUNA on December 8:

Kuwaiti-Lebanese relations are “deep-seated and historic,” Kuwait’s Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Borders Security Affairs Major General Sheikh Mohammad Al-Youssef said Thursday.

And now a scanned letter via The Angry Arab News Service dated December 13:

Via The Angry Arab News Service

According to As’ad AbuKhalil:

I received confirmation that Kuwait has officially banned all work permits for Lebanese.  I am told that other GCC countries will follow suit.  Above is an image of one such document.


This only gets better! December 15:

The Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs Wael Abou Faour hailed the Kuwaiti support offered to his country over decades in various fields.

I’m assuming our Minister has not received the ‘change in visa processing’ memo.