On March 6, armed robbers made their way into a poker tournament in central Berlin and stole the jackpot. Sixteen days later, German police have arrested the mastermind behind the operation:

German police have arrested a man they suspect of being the mastermind of an armed raid on a poker tournament in Berlin.
Police said a 28-year-old Lebanese man, the fourth arrested in connection with the raid, had been detained on Sunday.
In a statement, authorities described the man as “the brains behind the operation”.

Don’t know if I should be proud or lower my head in shame.

For your entertainment pleasure, here’s the video of the robbery in action:

Update – March 24, 2009:
More info on the arrests suggests that other Lebanese were involved:

The arrests began on March 17 when one of the robbers turned himself in. From that point on, the Berlin police had the names and photos of the other three suspects and said that they believed it would only be a matter of time. A day later, Ahmad al-Awayti turned himself in. According to the Associated Press, Mustafa Ucarkus was arrested on Saturday after his lawyer told the police of his arrival there. The fourth suspect, Jihad Chetwie, was taken into custody as well when he returned on a flight from Beirut.
According to various sources, authorities arrested a fifth suspect on Monday who they believe is the mastermind of the heist. They believe that the 28-year old Lebanese citizen organized the heist and helped the other suspects escape.