Following yesterday’s debacle of two contradicting bank rankings (WEF’s Global Competitive Report naming Lebanese banks the safest while at the same time Global Finance mentioning the only safe bank in the Arab World is Kuwait’s NBK), we’ve found oursevles another pointless ranking by the people at the Arab Advisors Group:

The 2009 Total Country Connectivity Measure (TCCM)

  1. UAE 352%
  2. Saudi Arabia 286%
  3. Qatar 254%
  4. Bahrain 250%
  5. Libya 246%
  6. Kuwait 201%
  7. Oman 189%
  8. Algeria 161%
  9. Lebanon 155%
  10. Morocco 149%
  11. Jordan 148%
  12. Tunisia 145%
  13. Syria 142%
  14. Egypt 140%
  15. Palestine 109%
  16. Iraq 100%
  17. Yemen 66%
  18. Sudan 51.2%

According to AAG:

The TCCM is calculated by adding the household mainline penetration, cellular penetration, and Internet user penetration rates in each country, to show the extent of connectivity of individuals in a given country.

So according to the survey, 155% of Lebanese have a mobile, landline and access the Internet. No wait, that can’t be right. OK, wait 155% of Lebanese have a some combination of mobile, landline and Internet. No, that can’t be it either. Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way, perhaps its a comparison. Let’s give it a try. Lebanon is ‘better’ than Jordan because telecom rates in Jordan are cheaper and the Internet is faster which is why the Lebanon-version of Google is hosted in Amman. That can’t be right.

Well, I’m stumped. If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.