Woke up this morning to find that Jorgen & Matias from 2famous.tv have compiled a top 40 list of Lebanon’s most visited blogs with my site making it to number 35. Not only have they ranked the sites but have also provided personal and entertaining reviews for each:

35 >> Lebanon News: Under Rug Swept

Lebanese internationalist blogging “off-the-beaten-track” news about Lebanon from Dubai. Seems to be blogging mostly about things that looks like Beriut, which is kind of funny. A bit boring design on the blog, but it does the trick. (Would do with a pin-it button or two, if you know what I mean?)

Though I might be bounced to 36 as it appears, one blog may have been missed. Nevertheless, I will take their advice and experiment with a few designs and see if anything sticks.

If you haven’t yet been to 2famous.tv, then you are really missing out on some great videos on Lebanon and their path to fame.