Paris may have her catch phrases but the lead singer of the Indie music group, Doves, has developed his own:

"We had a great time there but it was like living in Beirut for five days," lead singer Jimi Goodwin told Tim Lovejoy’s

What is that supposed to mean? OK, we get it, it was bad, destructive, damaging, …. I can go on and on. Interestingly, the article doesn’t go on. That’s the end of the news line – what the hell is that supposed to mean?

So is that now the level we have reached in the English language? "It so Beirut" or "How Beirut" or "You’ve pulled a Beirut". Sorry Jimi, you are going to need to work harder than that. You’ll have a LLB Certificate sent to you shortly.

Oh, and speaking of Paris Hilton, she will apparently be making a stopover in the "Paris of the Middle East" thanks to an invite from The Crystal Group. I can’t control my excitement! (Seriously, I can’t wait for her to leave Dubai so that frontpages of newspapers can return to normal news).