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CHEERS and applause from the public gallery inside the Calcot Centre last night (Wednesday) greeted a decision to allow developers to build homes on a dilapidated shopping site in the suburb which has been an eyesore for over a decade.
Bellway Homes were granted permission to build 39 homes consisting of two, three and four-bedroom houses, and two apartments, at the Underwood Road site in Calcot by the West Berkshire Council Eastern Area Planning Committee following two years of wrangling over the make-up of the proposals.


The privately-owned Underwood Road shopping area fell into such a state of disrepair it was described by locals as “little Beirut” due to anti-social behaviour, graffiti and economic decline within the area.

So apparently there’s now a formula for Beirut.
Beirut = (Anti-Social Behavior + Graffiti) x Economic Decline
Oh, wait it gets worse:

The shopping centre which had previously stood was the subject of an arson attack in 2001, and over time other business moved away leaving the “ugly” site.

The writer couldn’t use the adjective “Beirut” twice so Mark Taylor had to use the word “ugly”. Anyone else disgusted. To Mark Taylor and the locals of Calcot, your much deserved “Looks Like Beirut” Certificates are on their way.